Thursday, April 9, 2015

Are You Sleeping With Your Makeup?!?!?!


Lets talk about your skin, and what sleeping with your makeup does!

We've all had those days where you have been running around with the kids all day, doing errands or you had a long day at work. Or maybe you went out and had a late evening, and all you want to do is take your clothes off and crash into that pillow. Forget makeup forget brushing your teeth, you think to yourself "I'll just shower and do everything tomorrow," and boom you shut your eyes and you are out! Now, although you may think "So what, what's the big deal?" well it may not be a big deal today, but it does build into a big deal and here's why.

During your REM sleep, your body regenerates and repairs the damage from the day. The same thing is happening to your skin. Through out the day your skin (as the largest organ in your body) is constantly fighting pollutants, oxidation, cigarette smoke, exhaust, dirty fingers touching, phone screen smacked on the side of your cheek, hair products, perfumes, bacteria, makeup and so forth. Not to mention dehydration (which lets be honest you are probably not drinking your gallon of water a day, but I will get into that in another blog). So instead of allowing your skin to breath better, and repair all the damaged skin cells, you left your makeup on, and trapped all the days dirt and bacteria on the surface. Well you can imagine the results! Not only is your skin going to fight all such bacteria, but if you also slept with your makeup on the previous night, your skin has to fight all issues that you left on your pillow case as well.

And so where will this lead to? For one it will lead to blocked and enlarged follicles and pores, acne, and you will age 10 years faster if you do this constantly. And the first to go will be your eyes, not only do they have the thinnest tissue from the rest of your skin, but we also tend to apply the most makeup on them. Crows feet here we come!!!

Even if you do not wear makeup, you should still be washing your face every evening before bed with a proper skin care routine. Your evening regiment should actually be the most extensive with the most nutrient and vitamin rich products. So that when you wake up in the morning your skin looks nice and refreshed, regenerated and with a sleepy glow, ready to take on the world. Not exhausted and dull with mascara smeared all over your eye bags, one eyebrow missing, and foundation on patches on your skin. may be asking yourself what should my evening routine be?
First you need to start with a cleanser appropriate for your skin type, weather your are oily normal or dry. And you should be doing two cleanses. The first is to remove surface dirt, bacteria, oil and makeup. The second is to prep the skin for the following treatments.

Second you need to apply a toner. Yes, a toner! You NEED a toner in your life! Women often underestimate the power of using a toner. Not only does it bring hydration to your skin, and remove any residue left over from the cleanser, but it also helps balance your skin's pH. An important factor in protecting your barrier function. The part of the skin that keeps a normal oil/water balance to protect from TEWL (transepiderma water loss). Toners will often contain minerals and vitamins that will bring an extra benefit to your freshly cleaned skin.

Third - If you are concerned about aging or you are struggling with acne, this is where you need to have the appropriate serums and ampules for your skin. If you are a product junkie such as myself you may be applying 5 of these, and if that is the case start with the lightest liquids, gels, to the heavier creamier consistencies. For starters I would recommend a Vitamin C serum. Vitamin C I call the prince of all vitamins, it brings beneficial properties to all skin types young or aged. It helps with collagen production, lightens and brightens your skin, and is a powerful antioxidant.

Fourth - If you have an eye cream that's great, use it especially in the evening. But do not apply it directly on you eye ball/lid, it should be applied around the orbital bone. Apply eye cream too close to your actual lid and you have baggy eyes in the morning.

Fifth - Finish your evening routine with a Moisturizer. Not only is the consistency typically heavier for better hydration, and moisturizing properties but it will help "seal in" your serum treatments. Moisturizers are an important factor in keeping skin healthy. You need an appropriate moisturizer for your skin type, again if you are oily you need a more water based moisturizer, if you are dry you need a more oil based moisturizer.

So to wrap it up, as you see it is very important that you take proper care of your skin, not only to prevent breakouts, but to preserve and maintain the healthy and beauty of it. You will age much more gracefully.

Make sure, you remove your makeup, change your pillowcases frequently and clean your screen phone.
If you would like some info on products I like, or need a consultation for a proper home care regime, please visit my website for appointment scheduling. I also do phone consultations as well.